May 14, 2015

Recent Purchases

Let's just begin by saying "I went a little crazy" with the sheer amount of things I have purchased recently but I was mainly in search of finding the perfect tan wedges, some great fitting suits, and some white jeans.  As you will see I have returned quite a few of the items but I wanted to share every thing I had recently gotten with you!

First up the suits:

I have ended up keeping all of the items listed above because they are fit perfect and I was able to either try them on in the store or at home.  I can't wait to wear these to the pool this summer!  I also scored every one of the items above on sale in the store or during Shopbop's Friends and Family sale!

Next up were white jeans and much to my surprise I ended up selecting these ones over a ton of different options that I tried.  I love they they are light weight but not super see through!

Tan wedges were the most needed item for my spring/summer wardrobe and have proven to be the most difficult to find the perfect fit.
I tried these ones below in tan but the toe strap was to low in the shoe and made my foot look super wide.

Then I gave these one's  in tan a try and even though they fit ok I figured that because the whole heel and wedge part was also leather that they would start to look bad quicker then another option.

Then I gave up on tan all together until these come back in stock, which will hopefully be soon, and got these to replace my current pair that looks pretty similar.

I also got these in black because I didn't have a pair of black wedges either!  These are super comfy and a bit different looking!

Have you recently purchased anything for your spring/summer wardrobe?  I would love to hear about it!

Thanks so much for stopping by!