June 2, 2015

Happy Tuesday and Recent Purchases/Wish List

Hope you all have had a wonderful start to your week!  I recently have found that Target has been a great place for me to pick up some of the wish list items for spring.  I had been wanting a small, brightly colored, cross body bag and this one was just perfect!  I selected the fuchsia one.   Target online was having a sale so I purchased the bag online and then picked it up in the store that same day.   Doing it that way saved me $10 because they don't price match items in store to their price online which DRIVES me crazy but this is a way around that!  I also picked up this dress for a steal of $8 in the store, as well as this romper which Tice ended up not liking so I took it back but it was also on sale in store for $13.  I also picked up this dress for our upcoming trip to Vegas for during the day when we aren't at the pool.  It totally reminded me of something from Mara Hoffman.

I recently got a gift card sent to me by Tory Burch for $50 and debated for weeks as to what I was going to spend it on but finally decided on a new pair of sandals.  These are the ones I ended up selecting but I also loved all of the ones below:

It was so hard choosing which means that if the Moore Sandal goes on sale in the tan color in the near future I am going to have to grab that one up too!

Thanks so much for stopping by!