June 28, 2015

Kinley's Eleven Month Update

Weight:  Around 19 pounds but we will find out at her next doctor's appointment in the next couple of weeks.

Health:  She is doing great!  No colds or fevers and even though a tooth came in she wasn't super worried/upset by it which was nice!

Sleep:  Finally, blissful sleeping through the night!  She is also still taking two naps a day, one around 9 AM for about 2 hours and then another around 1:30 PM for about 3 and then finally goes to bed around 7 PM.  I love that we finally have this routine because her sleeping through the night made her sleep better during the day and for longer stretches.

Social:  Everyone always comments on what a good baby she is and it's true...you won't hear much from her unless she is beyond tired or hungry.  She is however starting to let Sawyer know that he can no longer just steal toys from her and that it's ok.  She has started to pull his hair a bit every now and then and I have to come to the rescue.

Diet:  She eats great.  Loves anything out of a pouch, black beans, goldfish, and cheese.

Clothes: She is mostly wearing 12-18 month clothes but can still fit into some items that are 9-12 month.

Baby Gear:  She isn't really much of a gear person but we are having to start to think about which car seat we will purchasing for her shortly as she is almost to long for her infant car seat.  It will be a sad day when I don't use that car seat anymore.  Seriously my Orbit Baby system was the absolute best purchase I made for both Sawyer and Kinley.

Crying: No much...unless she is hungry or tired!

Likes:  Swimming at the pool, hang out in our backyard playing with the water table, reading books, and playing with her big brother.

Postpartum:  Feeling great!  I have officially lost all of the weight that I gained with Kinley and have been trying to lose the remainder of weight I had that I gained with Sawyer.  The treadmill has been a lifesaver.  I am maintaining a workout schedule of 4 runs a week on average and love it!  It's been a sanity saver!

Milestones: Cruising around furniture and taking steps with us but none on her own yet.

Here are a couple more of my favorite pictures of her this month:

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