January 19, 2016

How I Spent...My Weekend

This past weekend was a low key one.  Tice was out of town all of last week and didn't get home until Saturday night so I tried to keep the kids and I busy with fun and different things to do.  One of those things was taking them to an indoor pool with my mom on Saturday morning.  The kids hadn't been swimming since the end of summer so they both had a blast!  After the pool we headed to lunch and then off for some extra long naps.  On Sunday we all hung out around the house, relaxing, and watching our Broncos WIN!
A homemade strawberry margarita so that I can pretend it's warmer outside then it really is! 
A healthy plate of nachos
The beginnings of lasagna on Sunday
Everyone was very glad daddy was home!

All in all a great weekend!

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