March 4, 2016

TGIF & Leaving on a Road Trip

TGIF!  My mom and I are leaving this weekend for our annual girls trip to Glenwood Springs.  A bunch of her girlfriends and I rent a house near the ski resort up there and we spend the weekend scrapbooking, eating, playing games, and sipping on some fun cocktails!  Since we mainly stay at the house we rent I packed simple, comfy clothes.  I packed this new pajama set that I am OBSESSED with along with this sweater and these jeans.

In other news, my purse is regarded as the most amazing toy in our house according to Kinley lately so when we were over at our friends on Sunday for dinner and she was being extra quiet, we went to check on her and this is what we entire makeup bag spilled out onto the floor.  She had taken the foundation and brushed a big amount across her check.  Thankfully she didn't get into any of my lipsticks or I'm sure they wouldn't have made it out alive.
Also note the half eaten apple...she ate some and then dropped it and left.  Typical!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!