May 9, 2016

How I Spent...Mother's Day Weekend

What a fun filled weekend I just had!  Friday night we headed out to dinner after a storm took our power out...something about it made me feel claustrophobic so getting out of the house was necessary!  After a lazy Saturday morning at home, Tice and I headed to a charity event called Tulips and Juleps.  Everyone dressed up in their Kentucky Derby best!  The rains stayed away thankfully and we all stayed dry.  After the event we went to dinner with some friends and my parents before calling it a night.  

On Sunday Tice woke up with the kids and I was able to sleep in before we headed to the club for Mother's Day brunch.  We enjoyed a relaxing meal before heading home and taking naps.  After nap time I made dinner for my parent and grandma.  After dinner Tice and I watched the new Game of Thrones.  All in all a pretty perfect weekend!
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