July 23, 2016

Recent Purchases...Nordstrom Anniversary Purchases & What I'm Keeping

Now that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is finally open to the public (not just credit and debit card holders) and because half of my order has finally arrived I wanted to share photos of the items on me.
The best part about shopping at Nordstrom for me is the free shipping and free returns.  That is particularly great for me because I don't live near a Nordstrom anymore and I have no idea how something is going to work for me until I get a chance to try it on and see it in person.  I typically place large orders and then try on a bunch of things in the comfort of my own home and then determine what works with existing items already in my own closet to see what I will keep and what is going back.  Over the last couple of years I have become WAY pickier when it comes to what I actually pull the trigger on and purchase.  So without further ado, here are the items I tried on so far and I'm so sorry for the terrible quality photos- however I wasn't wearing any makeup so maybe the terrible quality is helpful in this particular case!
Top: Leith | Jeans: AG 'The Legging' Ankle Jeans | Shoes:  Charles David 

This top was made out of a crepe fabric and seemed like it would wrinkle quickly.  On top of that it was super boxy.  Verdict: It's going back

The jeans are a great quality denim that I had been waiting to try forever but it doesn't go on sale often.  Even after trying them on twice I can't decide whether or not I am keeping them...

As if I needed another black and white stripe top in my life...I ordered this top because it's just a bit different then everything else I have but the fit wasn't great.  I'm thinking of going down to the size small and changing to the army green/cream color to combat the unflattering fit/look of the top so we will see.

Top: Leith Lace Up Top | Jeans:  AG 'The Legging' Ankle Jeans | Shoes:  Charles David

This top was cute with the lace up detail and I love the color but I already have quite a few lace up items in my wardrobe and since it's a trendy piece I decided I didn't need another. 

This top looks like a plain black top but it's got a fun lace up detailing in the back.  I like the overall fit but I'm still undecided.  I'll make the finally call as soon as the rest of my purchases come.

Back of the Top: Lush Lace-Up Tee

I also purchased these leggings (something I purchase every year during this sale) but decided to go with the high rise this time and I really like them!  I also decided to try the crops for the first time and felt like the fabric that I love so much about this brand in the first place was not the same as the legging version so they are going back.   I also purchased this bag in black but while I was in Denver I found another bag that I liked even more so it's going back.  However it's really hard not to pull the trigger on the red option.

What items did you score from the sale?  What are you keeping and what is heading back?

Thanks so much for stopping by!