August 25, 2016

How I Spent...My Long Weekend in Vegas

Last Friday Tice and I headed to Vegas with another couple to enjoy a long weekend kid free!  We stayed at Caesar's Palace and had the best time!

Our pretty room overlooking the pools

Tice and I before heading out on our first night
My dress available here
Our friends, Megan and Joseph
Enjoying a yummy cocktail at Nobu- we decided to have the chef design a tasting menu for all of us.  It was awesome!
Fried Lobster with three dipping sauces
Truffled Wagu beef with crispy fried onions
After dinner on Friday we got to see Calvin Harris at Omnia which was the part of the trip I was looking forward to most.  Upon checking in we were all directed upstairs to the outside part of Omnia were we had a couple of drinks, enjoyed the view, took some pictures and then headed inside to the performance area.

Once inside we stood right behind the private tables that bordered the DJ area.  This was a picture close to 11 PM.  The first of two guest DJ's performed and started to get us all in the mood!

Then FINALLY at 1:30 AM Calvin Harris came out.  The environment was electric and even Tice, who didn't think he was going to enjoy it, loved the whole experience.  Calvin really knows how to put on an amazing show.  I can't wait to see him again sometime soon.  Below is some video of his very first song that night.

Needed after getting to bed so late on Friday night.
On Saturday for lunch Tice and I went to Spago in the Forum Shops and enjoyed a wonderful lunch.  I was obsessed with their white wine sangria.
Then before our dinner reservations we decided to go to The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan for a pre dinner drink.  The atmosphere was really neat and a place I would totally recommend getting a drink at.

After Chandelier Bar we headed back to Caesars to have dinner at Homestead House the steakhouse within Caesars.  It was really good!  We got the cocktail platter and enjoyed shrimp the side of a baby's arm :) 
Sunday we had lunch at the Wynn and then I headed over to Fashion Show mall for a couple of hours.  I think I am getting more and more picky when it comes to clothing because even though I tried on quite a few things I didn't end up buying anything...

Finally for our last night we headed to dinner at Spago (it was to good to not go back again) and then we saw Rod Stewart in concert at the Coliseum.  It was his last night there this year and he did a wonderful job!  It was fun and completely different from Calvin Harris.

All in all a wonderful trip that we can't wait to recreate again sometime soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by!