October 21, 2013

How I Spent My...Weekend

This weekend was a low key one.  We stayed in all weekend and didn't really go out to do much which was a nice change of pace.  For example my biggest excitement came when I went to the grocery store by MYSELF.  It's silly how exciting that can be now when I get the chance to do it.  On Sunday Tice went to help a friend make elk sausage, I make some new hats from my Etsy shop which I plan to roll out later this week, and then we watched to Broncos game so again pretty low key!  Next weekend we are hosting a big Halloween party so I can't wait to start preparing for that one, getting the house cleaned up and decorated!

Helping Mommy do some sewing!

Be sure to check out my Pumpkin Pie Pancake recipe that I posted on Saturday- they were a hit!

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