June 5, 2014

DIY...Jazzed Up Bumper Pad Ties

When I first started my search for crib bedding for Sawyer's room I knew that I wanted to try and get something that was gender neutral so that I could also use it for another room and theme all together.  I ended up selecting a white minky bumper, complete with white ties.  My mom suggested that she create new ties for the bumper so that it would look new and fresh in baby girl's room.  

She used the same fabric I had used for some other accents in the room and I think they turned out fabulous and really make the bumper feel brand new instead of like a hammy down from her big brother!

The crib sheet is also something I DIYed and love how it turned out!  It was super simply and only took two yards of fabric and some elastic.

Thanks so much for stopping by!