August 25, 2014

How I Spent My...Weekend

We left on Thursday for Boulder for a couple of days so that Tice could be in Denver for a meeting.  It was so nice to be in Boulder, especially while all of the students were coming back to town for the start of the school year on Monday because it brought back such great memories of when I was a student.  The one concern I had regarding the trip though was that we were going to be staying in a suite that didn't have a separate bedroom- aka all of us in the same  room.  I was afraid that we wouldn't be able to get Kinley and Sawyer to sleep and that once we finally did, one of them would wake the other one up.  However, that was not the case at all.  Each night once we got home from our day, Tice took Sawyer down to the pool while I got Kinley bathed and ready for bed and once they came up from the pool, we ran through Sawyer's bedtime routine and by the end we were all ready to go to sleep.  Sawyer, amazingly enough, stayed on his pull out bed the entire night and we never had to get on him to get back in bed.  I guess we wore them both out so much that they were just as tired as we were at the end of each day!  
Watching some construction prior to dinner at Salt
The amazing cocktails at Salt
The cloudy Flatirons on our way into Boulder

Friday, I took them shopping while Tice was at the office and then we met up with our friends in Boulder for an early dinner at a restaurant called Salt.  It was good but I loved the cocktail I ordered more then anything else that night.  It was called a "Thai One On" and it had rum, coconut milk, pineapple juice, basil, and lime juice!  I can't wait to try and recreate one at home.  

Saturday we headed home early but not before making a stop at my favorite J. Crew Factory store!  I picked up this sweatshirt and can't wait to sport it once the temperature dips below 75!   Once we got home that night we made a simple dinner of margaritas and fajitas.  
Mexican food wouldn't be complete in our house without homemade guacamole!

Sunday we hung out around the house in the morning while Tice was golfing and then met him at the pool before I headed to the store and the car wash.  We leave for our trip to Portland this week which is keeping me very busy!  I will be back later this week to share what I have packed as well as what I wore while we were in Boulder.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great week!